October 21, 2010

Category Name Changes

Just wanted to make a quick post!
I've made a small name change to 2 of the categories. 

Best Suite Designer .... changed to .... Best Interior Decorator 
Overall Person Award .... changed to .... Outstanding Medoll Award 
Overall Media Award ... changed to... Outstanding Media Award

They still stand for the same thing.
I just feel the new names best describe those categories the best!

October 17, 2010

Public Nominations Over

The public nominations are now over.
Now, the judges and I will go through your
nominations and decide who will make the final official list.

The official list will be announce on November 1st.

October 15, 2010

Judge Update!

Miss_LolitaF has left Stardoll.
I've tried to reach her, but no luck.
This isn't the first time she's left, but if she comes back,
I've decided it's best if she is no longer part of the Star Awards, because
I need someone I can count on and not just leave without telling me anything.

That said, the Star Awards will continue on the same route.
As for the empty judge spot, it will stay like that.
With only three judges things will be easier.

The Judges
Bluegreen86, Star_Awards, Ophelia_Smith

Nomination polls are opened till Oct.17th.
Click H-E-R-E to nominate if you haven't done so!!

October 14, 2010

Nomination Warning!

Nominations are almost coming to a close on Oct.17th.
Make sure you have filled out your nomination ballots and properly turn them in.

I've already look over a couple of the ballots and noticed so many of you didn't
fill out all the form or followed most of the guidelines, which means your
ballot will be invalid and not looked over by the judges.
It's important you follow the guidelines!
So please do so!

Click H-E-R-E to nominate!

October 05, 2010

Nominate Here

It's nomination time!

Nominations will end by October 17th. You have a good amount of time to fill out your ballots, so please take your time. Do not rush, because if your ballots aren't filled correctly according to the guidelines below, they will not be reviewed by the judges.

Nomination Guidelines
-You must be a follower of this blog.
-You may not nominate yourself.
- You must fill out all categories with potential nominees.
- You may only enter one nomination ballot.
- You must only nominate one person for each category.
- Nominations for clothing designer and graphic artist must be provided with a link or URL showing their work.
- Nominations for magazines, blogs, and competition must be provided by URLs.
- Once you've completed the nomination ballot, post it in the comments below.

Nomination Ballot
Stardoll Username:
Blogger Userame:

Best Female Medoll: (A female who has good influence with others)
Best Male Medoll: (A male who has good influence with others)
Best Personality: (A person who people can get along with)
Social Butterfly: (A person who is always social with others)
Best Dressed Medoll: (A person who is always dressed well)
Best Clothing Designer: (A person who designs clothing)
Best Graphic Artist: (A person who creates graphics)
Best Suite Designer: (A person who creates amazing suites)
Best Magazine: (A Stardoll magazine with at least one 2010 issue)
Best News Blog: (A blog about Stardoll news)
Best Fashion Blog: (A blog about Stardoll Fashion)
Best Gossip Blog: (A blog about Stardoll Gossip)
Best Group: (A group of people who create Stardoll projects)
Best Competition: (A Stardoll competition that took place in 2010)

*Comments will stay private until the nominations close so people don't cheat!

October 04, 2010

2010 Judging Panel & Categories

Here are the official judges & categories for the 2010 Star Awards.
Nominations will start tomorrow!

Remember to follow the blog so you can nominate.

Judging Panel

Bluegreen86, Miss_LolitaF, Star_Awards, Ophelia_Smith

People Categories
Best Female Medoll
Best Male Medoll
Best Personality
Social Butterfly
Best Dressed Medoll
Best Clothing Designer
Best Graphic Artist
Best Suite Designer

Media Categories
Best Magazine
Best News Blog
Best Fashion Blog
Best Gossip Blog
Best Group
Best Competition

Overall Category (
Judge's Pick)
Overall Person Award
Overall Media Award
Special Achievement Award

October 01, 2010

Star Awards Schedule

The 3rd Annual Star Awards  
2010 Schedule

 October 4th
Categories & Judging Panel Annouced

October 5th-17th
 Public Nominations Begin

November 1st
Official Nominations Announced

November 1st-30th
Voting Polls Are Open

December 18th
Star Awards Ceremony