September 17, 2010

Official Welcome & News

Hello everyone!

The Star Awards are back for it's 3rd annual award ceremony for 2010!!

I will release the schedule on when nominations, voting, etc. will take place very soon. I will also be releasing the full list of new and old categories too. Plus, I'll soon release the people who will be a part of this year's judging panel also.

So get ready!!
The 2010 Star Awards is on it's way!!!

September 03, 2010

Star Awards Judge Form

Welcome everyone, welcome to the Star Awards 2010 blog. The blog is new and this year all nominations, voting, sneak peaks and everything will be here.

As everyone knows Vanessa & I can't manage all the awards on our own and that is why we decided to hire a few new persons to join our judging panel, we aren't sure if we will pick 3, 5 or 9 judges but 1 thing is sure that we will pick more 3 or more.

That is why without loosing anytime I want to open the auditions for Judges and remember that you have to be a followers to apply to be a judge.

Star Awards Judge Form
Stardoll nickname:
Follower name:
Why do you think you should join our judging panel?
What makes you a perfect judge for Star Awards?
Describe yourself ONLY with 1 word:

(You should know that if you will be chosen as a judge you can't be nominated for the awards!)

Thanks, Lolita.