September 17, 2010

Official Welcome & News

Hello everyone!

The Star Awards are back for it's 3rd annual award ceremony for 2010!!

I will release the schedule on when nominations, voting, etc. will take place very soon. I will also be releasing the full list of new and old categories too. Plus, I'll soon release the people who will be a part of this year's judging panel also.

So get ready!!
The 2010 Star Awards is on it's way!!!


Tina said...

I can't wait until it starts!

sarah // blueberry-dream said...

Awesomeness :D
I can't wait to see who's on th judging panel.
And don't worry, Vanessa, there'll be a lot of people supporting you :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see ;)) It'll be intersting :D And yes, how someone said, people supports you, Vanessa ;))

heartparis2/Lila said...

cant wait!!! and srry bout Lolita!! (i want her stay) but i noe u will do GREAT job (like u always do) xoxo Lila (;

Diva6723 said...

Can't wait! Very exciting...too bad Lolita left though.

xox-suga-xox/Robyn said...

sounds great!

Tess said...

Great ;]
Can't wait to see it!

gbyhgt uv said...

Can't wait for the announciation of the judging panel and the start of the awards!

Gabby1822 (Henna) said...

Alright,Sounds awesome!*crossing my fingers*